"My Kind Of Job (MKOJ) is unique in concept and application. It offers great opportunities for experienced professionals, house wives, young mothers, students looking for flexible working timings/ short term assignments. The companies can derive huge benefits from their experience and knowledge without any long term liabilities. MKOJ is a great platform for flexibility seeking professionals and companies."

Anirudh singh

Ex President - Group HR

JSW Group

"“Mykindof job.com seems like an answer to the new age need of flexibility/mobility at work. I see a lot of skilled professionals deriving benefit from a venture that gives them an opportunity to work and interact with likeminded professionals. I wish the team all the best in their new venture.” "

Deepika Mahajan

Head Resourcing and Talent Management

Capital First Limited

""MyKindofJob - addresses, I feel, a strong latent need of both parties, those who employ and those who require employment. The inherent flexibility to marry the very specific needs of either party will be its biggest strength, its 'USP' in an increasingly complex and evolving marketplace. As Societies move up the ladder of material wealth and comforts, focus subtly and gradually changes to individual needs, to maintaining what is called a better work-life balance.” "

Dhananjay Date

Former Managing Director

Swiss Re

""MyKindofJob .com seems to be the need of the hour platform to meet the needs of job markets from both sides of demand and supply alike. Increasingly, many are wanting to express their special skills/ talents in newer and better ways and also seek flexible environments. Flexible timings, work from home options are attractive to women who are seeking to balance time between home and work, Mykindofjob would be a boon for such job seekers. Talent seekers are also opening up to such contemporary personalized arrangements with employees/ freelancers, they see the cost benefit. Mykindofjob unlike other portals aims to bring out even talent such as fine arts which is an appreciable effort and innovative in its own way.” "

Nagaraj Krishnan

Managing Director


""Mykindofjob is an innovative concept, with a unique value proposition, in sync with the needs of today’s flexible work force and can be leveraged by companies in one integrated platform with multiple choices of different target groups. To my mind, this will be a win- win situation for companies and suspected hires.” "

Allen Sequeira

Former Group Head of Human Resources

Mahindra Group

"“Mykindofjob.com emerges as a fresh and unique concept to fill the gap between the inflexible business deliverables and the flexible work force. While we do have adequate choices to look for active job seekers, this will be the first consolidated platform for the employers to find passive candidate pool for their various project needs. We look forward to exploring this new web portal and leveraging its various features to expand our reach in the candidate world.” "

Anshula Verma

National Head – Talent Acquisition

Ernst & Young

"“The concept of ‘my kind of job’ platform is unique, and is clearly a response to the changing needs to professional talent in India; as we mature, flexibility becomes important, and will become even more important, and the ability to interact through this kind of a portal can be a unique proposition. I wish this venture all the very best.” "

Ketan Dalal

Regional Managing Partner West