Health Insurance Agent

SNP Posted On : 02 September 2017

  • Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Application Deadline: 03 September 2017

  • Salary : None
  • Application Deadline : 03 September 2017
  • No. of Vacancies : 6
  • Qualification: Any
  • Type of project: Commision based
  • Industrial experience sought:Insurance
  • Functional expertise sought:Sales / Business Development / Client Servicing
  • Industry : Real Estate/ Construction/ Infrastructure
  • Company Size (Empl) : 100 - 500
  • Work Experience : 5 Year

  • Company Overview :
  • S& P Private Limited has been established as a real estate company in North and Mumbai. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of properties in the real estate markets in Mumbai. Based on the decision of the company to diversify our properties; we have now established this corporation in Mumbai. There is a great need for certified or official bank checks in the future to deal with some real estate transactions. 

Company Information

  • Job Description :
  • India’s Top Corporate Employer is driving a project with us to provide opportunities to 10,000 retired professionals across 50 cities in 7 states

    Leading Insurances companies are looking to appoint agents using our platform

    A national cinema chain is looking to hire part time talent post 6 PM to work for 4-5 hours to manage peak time demand. They are looking to restructure their staffing needs in a manner now to include part time talent and reduce their operating cost

    Couple of large multinationals in the IT sector are driving their gender diversity programs through us

    Another large multinational is using our platform to recruit 50 middle level women managers on sabbatical looking to make a comeback in corporate sector

    A very large financial services company is doing a large project with us to recruit 500 relationship mangers who don’t need to report to office at all.

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  • Company terms and conditions :


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