11th March 2016

You can earn more money & time by leveraging your hobbies & skills

Today morning I had an interesting conversation with Richa (name changed) from Hyderabad. She was quite frustrated with her job and more so with her boss who did not care much about her who in spite of having a 2 years old child at home worked late, rarely too leave and finished her tasks to the full satisfaction of her clients. She told me that her boss only gives higher promotions to those who like him come from IIMs irrespective of the clients’ feedback or high rate or performance. She told me that she wanted to simply resign even though she had no other job option. This is where I was reminded about the fact that she was an excellent story teller and was a great cook. On suggesting that she can explore the possibility of converting these two hobbies into a career, she was all ears. By the time the conversation ended she knew what she can do and that too with loads of time to spend with her child.

Arpita (name changed), who works as a senior Corporate Communication Manager with a large hospitals chain, shared with me how much she misses her child who is only 4 years old. The child misses her after coming from school and does not even eat properly. Due to her high levels of performance her boss has allowed her flexi timing yet the problem remains as she wants to have a flexi job where she would not have to go to office daily. She confided in me that she can freelance but then her fear is that her mother in law would expect more from her and she will not be able to work from home. As a communication consultant I had interacted a lot with her and had noticed the ease with which she handled people and her excellent sense of dressing. I had observed her getting a lot of compliments on these two qualities quite frequently. I suggested that she can be a great marriage counsellor and have her own grooming classes for women of all ages. Little did I then realize that she will begin to work on the idea and would hire me as a marketing communication consultant within a few months.

Many years back, I had noticed a very interesting story unfold right in my neighbourhood. Our neighbours were a middle aged couple with just one daughter who got married. The mother had very little to do at home so began to take some tuitions but then that was not a very satisfying job. She was an excellent cook and had a great hobby of finding out new recipes from across the globe. She decided to pick up the telephone directory and began to contact the local embassies with the offer of teaching them Indian recipes. Within a few months, we noticed a lot of fancy cars getting parked in front of our house with CD numbers issued to foreign diplomats in Delhi. During a conversation we realized that she was constantly raising her per hour rate yet the client numbers were getting difficult to manage. She was by now earning more than her husband who was very senior IAS officer with the Government of India.

Technology has become a great enabler today and has reduced the cost of marketing & communication to a level where almost every one can afford to set up a business and engage with potential clients through social media platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn and follow up through simple tools like WhatsApp to forward images, voice and text.

On having a look at free to share classified advertisements, I could locate a large number of posts for those looking for flexi job options by leveraging their hobbies and skills:
1. I am willing to learn Hip Hop; I have basic knowledge of Hip hop.
Compensation : Rs 1500

2. I want to make my carrier in drama theatre hence need a teacher who can teach me acting skills.
Compensation : Negotiable

3. I want someone who can teach me Sketching & Live painting.
Compensation : Negotiable

4. I want to learn full Tally & Accounting Software.
Compensation : Rs 25000

5. Want to learn all Punjabi flavours.
Compensation : Rs 20000

6. I want to learn basic chess for my college competetion. Looking forward to someone helping me out.
Compensation : Rs 1500

7. I want to learnbasic classical singing.
Compensation : Rs 2500

8. I need a personal fitness trainer for myself.
Compensation : Rs 6000

9. Need a Kick Boxing Coach for 6 months
Compensation : Negotiable

10. I need a music teacher to learn flute & Singing. I am ready to travel for the same if the teacher cannot come to my place. I am available on the weekends and hence would want classes to be conducted on weekends only. Interested people please contact.

Simply register at for posting your advertisement or for simply responding to the available posts for free.



Dr Manan Chaturvedi

Founder of Fortune Architect

Vijay Rai

Managing Director- Asia Pacific & EMEA Markets with Saviour US INC

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Respected HR Leader

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Founder, P-Quotient

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Executive Director-HR & Admin, Experion Developers

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Managing Director, UK Fostering, Founder, UKINDO International &

Rishi Srivastava

Promoter & Director, Rockland Hospitals Network, Delhi

Mr. D.P. Singh

Vice President & HR Head- India/SA at IBM HR Consultant

Runa Maitra

Founder and a principal consultant with People Talent International

Mr. Dhyan Chauhan

Mr Chauhan has held leadership roles in HR at leading multinational companies

Ashish Bajaj

COO & Co-founder of Round Ark Limited, Gurgaon