26th February 2018

Why more and more sales jobs will become commission based rather than fixed salary

Nowadays we see a shift towards commission based pay rather than salary in India. Ever wonder the reason for such a change? The simple answer is increased efficiency. There are many perks in going for a commission biased job than a salaried job. We will discuss this statement later on in the article.

Many of the flexible jobs in India use such a practice because it has been proved effective for both the employee and employer.

Commission vs. Salary
It is seen that today’s youth prefer commission based jobs as opposed to salaried jobs. Here the benefit can be attributed to the fact– Earn more if you sell more! So we are seeing a system that benefits both the employer and the employee. This setup is impossible for salaried jobs because of two reasons:

1. The employee isn’t going to earn more no matter how well he/she may perform.

2. Employees with a salary limit tend to slack after the target has been reached.

It is here where commission based job shines through the rest of employment options. We will discuss the perks of a commission based job to a salary based job.

Increased morale: With each sale, the employee is getting a commission directly from the profit that the employer makes. This means that with each sale, the employee will have a feeling of sharing the employer’s success.

Employer benefits: The employer might be the one who is at the greatest advantage as the employees will stay driven when a commission based payout is employed. If an employee decides to hold back on efforts, it will show up on the paycheck. So the employees will be hard at work to bring the best possible sales figures. This is going to directly reflect on the company’s development.

The sky’s the limit: As for the employees. This is the perfect platform to showcase their skills. The drive is given by “the more you sell, the more you earn” is going be chanting in their ears the whole time. And no one is going to stop an employee from earning as much as he/she wants as there is cap like a salary based system. Their earning will solely depend on the performance of the employee.

No losses on slacking: the biggest disadvantage of a salaried system is that the employer might have to pay an employee even if the employee puts in no effort. This practice is counterproductive and leads to losses that will be deduced directly from the employer’s pocket. With a commission based system, the employer isn’t required to pay an employee who hasn’t made the sales. It helps the interest of the employers and forces the employee to work for their success.

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