5th March 2018

Why Are Companies Looking To ‘Uberize’ Their Workforce?

In today’s world, technology is at fore of almost everything we do. In the age of digital innovations, expectations are growing higher. The demand is for quick, reliable, on-demand services that meet the criteria of today’s technological revolution. The demand is higher than the supply,and the criteria for quality is raising the bars. The need of the hour is the flexibility at work. Cloud technology is powering companies to manage agile, flexible work teams. An entire spectrum of full-time workers and freelancers can be managed at a distance through complete automation.

For example in the United States of America, forty-three percent of the total workforce is freelancers. This depicts how modern day enterprises prefer, find or deploy talent. It is estimated that in less than another three years, a fortune two thousand company will exist with no full-time workers. These dynamics are mind changing,but the traditional companies are already leading the way.

The Rise of Flexi Jobs or Work from Home Plans

Companies realize the fact that needs and demand arenot constant. The change is rapid,and these companies need to keep up with the pace. Liquid workforce, in this scenario, comes to the rescue. This new workforce model is ever changing and can offer a competitive advantage in the times of immense competition. Skills from different groups are to be cultivated,and liquid workforce model makes it possible.

Now ”Uberizing” workforce, gives an equal opportunity to the companies to stay ahead and similarly creates jobs for differently skilled people. Freelance is one of the major force that drives many companies today. Firms are finally able to choose from a wide range category and prioritize the skill set they need. This liquid-workforce offers an opportunity to retire as well. Retired people come with skills and experience, that when cultivated can give optimum results.

There is a huge ratio of people in our country who are not able to utilize their abilities because they cannot work in the set work frame or timings. Here is when flexi-jobs help. Who would have thought, some years ago, that you would be able to work for multi-nationals from home? The comfort of home can bring out the best. Work-from-home is one option that provides an opportunity to people especially women to utilize their skills and add to their productivity when they are not able to work in a firm full time.

Work at the convenience of your home

Part-time jobs ensure an additional flow of money. These options serve both the ends. Firms get a diverse workforce and optimum results while as people can work independently with like-minded people and enjoy the work they do while earning. Liquid work-force keeps companies efficient and competitive. Companies prefer”uberizing” because liquid workforce attracts talented people and thus produce amazing results. A firm can assign work to a freelancer and fill the immediate skill gap as well as adrive under the budget for the same. The work progress can be maintained round the clock by employing shift based members so that the work never comes to a halt.

The time demands “Uberized” workforce and a firm have to stay at pace with the time to survive. has been in the forefront of this revolution and has been churning our successful freelancers for every kind of job!


Dr Manan Chaturvedi

Founder of Fortune Architect

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Managing Director- Asia Pacific & EMEA Markets with Saviour US INC

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Respected HR Leader

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Founder, P-Quotient

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Executive Director-HR & Admin, Experion Developers

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Managing Director, UK Fostering, Founder, UKINDO International &

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Vice President & HR Head- India/SA at IBM HR Consultant

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Founder and a principal consultant with People Talent International

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Mr Chauhan has held leadership roles in HR at leading multinational companies

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COO & Co-founder of Round Ark Limited, Gurgaon