21st November 2015

Flexi Jobs & Work from Home Opportunities to Rise in 2016

There is a large population in India today which will find it difficult to imagine a time when there was no internet and no mobile phones. Pre internet generation too has adapted the new technology quickly as India had already gone through an IT revolution in the eighties. The impact of this technology savvy generation is already being felt in the work place.

One of the recent studies published in a national daily indicated that 62% of respondents considered flexibility to be an important factor in their jobs. Many employees in another study by Regus pointed out that they would have continued in their previous jobs if it had flexi time component in it. Females in the Indian work force are increasingly finding it difficult to manage a work and life balance which is affecting productivity and increasing stress levels. Male workers, especially from single unit families are facing a similar problem too.

Employers have begun to realize that for many jobs managing workers through the traditional and costly office environments is not necessary. The trend of allowing employees to work for contracted work hours or on output based assignments is catching up and is clearly visible as a trend among several start-ups and international organizations. In India there are a large number of companies that are already giving work from home options. IBM, Dell, Microsoft, HCL, SAP, Accenture, Yahoo, Google, Infosys, Wipro, HP, Cisco, Intel have been providing the flexi time and work from home options in several categories since the last few years. This trend is now being picked up by many other companies who have realized the benefits in terms of employee productivity and lower costs.

Flexi timing and work from home options provide many benefits to the employees. It helps them cut down the rising cost of daily commute apart from saving a lot of time which can be used for a better work life balance. More time on hand means more time for leisure and exercise which will eventually add to productivity as against stress and daily travel fatigue. For the employers there are clear benefits in terms of productivity, employee retention and lowering of costs on account of office rent, facilities and even salaries. With such a clear set of advantages the option of flexi timing and work from home is certainly catching up.

There are a lot of jobs which do not require an employee to attend office on a daily basis. These include Accounting, Editing, Writing, Designing, Photography, Reporting, Sales, Tele Calling, Home Health Assistance, Analysts, Software Development, Web Designing, and Market Research and so on.

What is important to note here is that those who are looking for internet based jobs can search for opportunities on a global basis. According to a recently published study on the global market for work from home the following job options will be most lucrative:

1. Translator
Translation is a perfect job for work from home job seekers. With some domain knowledge, one can translate articles, books and web site contents without losing the original meaning. The rates in various markets generally are on per word basis. Getting a USA based job can result in very good earnings.

2. Voice Artist
Voice artists provide voiceovers for audio books, animation films, games, websites, videos and many more areas.

3. Statistical Analysis Job
Statistical analyst’s job is to interpret data. In some cases the job may involve designingof statistical models for research purposes. The demand in the last year from most companies has been in the area of marketing, health, economics and engineering.

4. Software Engineer
Demand for Indian software engineers has been on the increase for quite some time now. The jobs range from coding jobs to making of app to website analytics works.

5. Travel Business
This has emerged as a very good opportunity area for work from home. You can develop your own set of destinations and your own group of regular visitors by simply using the internet to get the best rates and offer the best destination packages with payments online. This is one area where online operators have almost replaced the traditional travel agents.

6. Accounting
Several small organizations prefer to outsource their accounting jobs. This area allows for a lot of free-lance opportunities both on permanent basis with flexi timings or entirely on a work from home basis. For this job it is essential to have appropriate qualifications.

7. Writing
There is a lot of online work available for writing on the internet. These opportunities are currently available from various areas like health, education, career counselling, sports, music and several other areas.

8. Graphic Designers & Animators
Demand for graphic designers and animators are a global one. They are required by many segments like advertising agencies, corporates, publications, production houses and web sites. Most of the jobs in this area will require a portfolio or sample job as a proof of capability.



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