Amarjit (Amar) Singh Dhull

Managing Director, UK Fostering, Founder, UKINDO International &

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Flexi Job Options in the Social Sector

Based on a conversation with Amarjit (Amar) Singh Dhull, Managing Director, UK Fostering, Founder, UKINDO International & with foot prints in UK & India. Amar is an NRI settled in UK but his heart has always been in India. He had set up the prestigious IB School inRohtak when there were not many high quality institutes in Rohtak. He has recently set up three UKINDO International schools in India to provide free education to children living below the poverty lines. His dream is to create 100 such schools in India in the next 5 years. He also has plans of fostering & educating children who have lost their parents in India which will be based on his years of work in this area in UK.

Through, Amar is bringing NGOs, Corporates, Social Workers and concerned citizens from all walks of life on a common platform. He believes that the social sector will need a lot of flexi job volunteers for an economically and socially sustainable model. He is looking for a large force of volunteers willing to work for his organizations in India on a flexi time basis in the area of education& social work.

Social sector has many opportunities for those who believe in the concept of giving back to society while earning a reasonable amount. Many young professional in India have left lucrative corporate world jobs to work in the NGO sector. Many have taken up social enterprise as a full time career. This sectoralso provides a huge opportunity for the retired who wish to utilize their years of knowledge to contribute to the society.

For example, Vinayak Lohani, an IIT Kharagpur & IIM Kolkatta Alumni left Infosys and founded Parivaar, an Ashram for orphans, tribals and daughters of prostitutes. The foundation is run with the support of IIM alumni and colleagues.

Bhushan Punani who grew up in Haryana and started off in dairy development left his job to head the vocational centre for Blind Persons’ Association (BPA). Bhushan has launched community-based training and development programmes for the blind. BPA works through networking and helping other organizations too.

One of the most inspiring stories is that of Sanjit Bunker Roy who left many lucrative opportunities and a cozy life to work for the poor in the rural areas. Way back in 1995 he had volunteered to spend his summer holidays to work with famine affected people in the Palamu district of Bihar (Now Jharkhand). The experience changed him and he is now globally renowned for his work in Rajasthan where his barefoot college for the poor has transformed illiterate rural women and men to become solar engineers, artisans, dentists and doctors in their own villages. The village of Tilonia as a result of his pioneering work has been completely transformed itself and has a self-sustained economy of its own.

The retired can also contribute significantly in the social sector by leveraging their years of experience. Social sector offers excellent opportunities for flexi jobs where one can choose days and time slots best suited to the person. A lot of retired people do not plan for the post retirement innings and can suffer from depression on suddenly finding that their skills and knowledge are of little use. In fact, most have a lot to look forward to. They can make a big difference by choosing to work in the social sector to help children who have lost their parents, the disabled who cannot help themselves, the poor who can not afford good education and so on. The list is endless. While shaping the lives of others the social workers worldwide have experienced that their own lives too become more meaningful and rewarding.

Amar’s UKINDO is currently managing schools for the poor children in Rohtak and Delhi in India. It is looking for volunteers, contributors and faculty on a flexi time basis while will welcome socialworkers,NGOs, CSR professionals and all those who wish to contribute in a meaningful way to the society. The opportunities are open for individuals and organizations who wish to support the social sector by offering their skills, share stories of CSR, social work or social wealth creators and those who wish to offer their extra time to teach the poor children for an honorarium. Those who are interested in aligning with these activities can write to



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