23rd January 2016

Fed up with daily commute to office? Consider working from home

Technology has opened up a whole lot of location free employment opportunities. You could be sitting in the lap of nature away from the maddening traffic living the life of your choice and also making more money than your colleagues.

While surfing the net I came across the amazing story of Hendrik Varju who works largely from home, is free from the hassles of daily commute to work. Hendrik simply used his love for food into work as an instructor. Hendrik was so inspired by the stories of several people who worked from home that he simply decided to take the plunge himself. He now has the best of both worlds by doing the job he loves from a place of his choice and liking without having to deal with the daily traffic congestion. He now wonders why only a small number of people are exercising this option. Hendrik is a fine custom woodworker who follows two professions at the same time. It’s an extension the work he loves to do.

Hendrik became one of Canada’s finest custom woodworkers and instructors after years of hard work. These high levels of skills allowed him the option of extending his career and opt for a work from home option by adding his love of food into regular work as a cooking instructor. Hendrik unlike many other kids used a lot of his free time in working with his father while growing Hendrik had learnt his mother’s recipes as he had a lot of passion for food and cooking. He then added some recipes on his own. He had learnt Hungarian and Mexican cooking from his mother and then spent years in learning other recipes which include Italian dishes, grilled and barbequed items and desserts. Hendrik is offering private instructions on a one on one basis as well as through group interactive sessions.

Lessons to learn from Hendrik’s life

If you are considering the option of working from home on your own terms then there are some valuable lessons to learn from Hendrik’s life.

1. You must have the skills
Hendrik worked hard for years and acquired the necessary skills to become a master of his craft. Large teams in companies give a lot of room for hiding the shortcomings but once you are on you own then you need to be the best in what you do. Low productivity or a casual approach can make all the difference between success and failure. So if you are usefully employed somewhere, it may be a good idea to practice and prepare well before you take the jump. Hendrik hadlearnt to paint, plaster and hang wallpaper while helping his father in his business while he was still a child. So it is thousands of hours of hard work that made him a master of what he does. There is simply no substitute to hard work in acquiring great skills.

2. You must love what you do
Hendrik loves what he does. This is a simple secret of energy flowing into an enterprise. Very little can otherwise be achieved without passion and enthusiasm which is generated when we do something we love to do. This needs to be carefully checked as a lot of time we may confuse a wish with passion. As a child, Hendrik would find time to learn cooking from her mother while managing his school work and helping his father. Even as a kid he had the inclination to learn and practice what he loved.

3. Patience and persistence to allow the business to evolve
Home based business like any other business needs time to evolve so a lot of patience and persistence is required. One of the safer options can be to copy Hendrik’s model of extending his portfolio of work by using one of his unused skills and love for food.

4. Sales skills will be necessary
eventually sales will bring in clients and revenues so this will be a primary skill to have. Hendrik invests time in sales efforts and he even is willing to demonstrate his expertise at other locations. It will be good idea for you too to learn the fundamentals of sales and practice it before setting up a home based business or being self-employed on a contractual basis.

5. Stay focused
Hendrik unlike other children of his age was much focused and while his mother cooked at home he would draw and do his school work on the dining table itself. His life demonstrates that he was focused about what he wanted to do. It is not necessary for everyone to be so focused from childhood as this capability can be acquired through practice at any age however the important point is to stay focused on what you want to do.

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