1st February 2016

Best Companies for Flexi Timing Jobs in 2016

It is a delight to notice that the global list of top 20 global employers with flexi time job policies comprises several well-known brands with presence in India. On a random check of these giant brands we discovered that the flexi time jobs are very much on the rise in India.

Support for flexi time jobs and work from home is on the rise across the globe. In a recent study published in Forbes magazine only 24% employees who have to travel daily to work reported satisfaction from their jobs whereas 45% of the workers who telecommute said that they love their job. One can guess what would be the results of a similar study in traffic choked metros as well as many mini metros in India.

The study also clearly demonstrates the superior work productivity of the telecommuters. It was found that the telecommuters were more ambitious and willing to put in as many extra hours as the deadline demanded. In short they were found to be more willing to strive hard and give their best by even working the whole night to beat deadlines when required. They get the extra time by avoiding the daily commute and have the freedom to adjust timings according to job deadlines.

At the same time it was found that remote working is not for every company and every personality type. Remote workers have to be willing to be put in hard work and devote extra time to stay competitive. In a Leadership IQ survey 3,478 employees were tested using an online test called “Is Your Personality Suited to Working Remotely or in the Office? Please try it to check if your personality is suited for working from home or on flexi time basis:

If you have a good match and a wish to work from home for a good work life balance, then the good news is that more and more jobs are on offer for the deserving. FlexJobs has recently released its annual list of top 100 companies with flexi time policies.

FlexJobs, a job board for those seeking telecommuting, remote or freelance work, just released its annual list of the top 100 companies that are hiring.Among the top 20 are UnitedHealth Group, Dell, IBM, Aetna, PAREXEL and SAP. The Indian readers can recall some of the big names from this list with presence in India. The range of jobs covers senior to mid level to even entry level jobs. Among the top are IT, Healthcare, Sales, Education, Content Creation and Marketing.

To make to the FlexJob's list, companies needed to post at least 100 job openings in 2015 however most posted a far large number running into thousands. The companies which made to the list of top 20 by posting the most full-time telecommuting jobs are listed below:
1. UnitedHealth Group
2. Dell
3. IBM
4. Humana
5. Aetna
6. Kelly Services
7. Salesforce
9. CyberCoders
10. VMware
11. SAP
12. First Data
13. Xerox
14. Oracle
15. A Place for Mom
16. CACI International
17. ADP
18. Dell SecureWorks
19. Allergan Inc.
20. Anthem

The team interviewed several HR heads in India to check out if the global trend in favour of flexi time is equally popular in India. Most of them shared that they already had such policies and agreed that the trend in India was very much similar to what is happening in developed countries. India is a hot IT destination so it did not come as a surprise to us.

Runa Maitra, founder and a principal consultant with People Talent International (PTI), on being asked if flexi timing is practiced in her company and her client's companies, said "We have ensured our software development is able to work on coding assignment or beta-testing to release products or features of CRM/software. Our marketing team works with various agencies, PR companies during extended hours based on project need and it is ensured that they do not have to work in a regimented work atmosphere. Lead generation, appointment taking and online sales teams are allowed to work from virtual offices which are many times their residence. They travel to client site only on need basis." Flexi time policy has had a very positive impact for Runa and her clients. Through a policy that clearly defines which roles are allowed work from home, flexi time, part-time, or full time has developed a culture of increased trust and respect for the time spent in office.

Similarly IBM India offers a range of flexible work options – work-at-home, telecommuting, leave of absence, part time working, etc. – to enable employees (men and women) to get a better work life balance. Availing of Flexible Work Options at IBM is increasingly viewed as a tool for managers to retain talent and create a win-win relationship between employees and the organization. "IBM's Work-Life Flexibility strategy is divided into three parts: to refine and reform IBM’s work/life culture; to respond to employee needs for expanded flexibility in working hours and work delivery; and to support employee's needs for Child/Elder care assistance throughout their lives." Says DP Singh, Vice President & HR Head- India/SA at IBM.



Dr Manan Chaturvedi

Founder of Fortune Architect

Vijay Rai

Managing Director- Asia Pacific & EMEA Markets with Saviour US INC

Ajay Bhatia

Respected HR Leader

Shampi Venkatesh

Founder, P-Quotient

Deepak Bharara


Sugato Palit

Executive Director-HR & Admin, Experion Developers

Amarjit (Amar) Singh Dhull

Managing Director, UK Fostering, Founder, UKINDO International &

Rishi Srivastava

Promoter & Director, Rockland Hospitals Network, Delhi

Mr. D.P. Singh

Vice President & HR Head- India/SA at IBM HR Consultant

Runa Maitra

Founder and a principal consultant with People Talent International

Mr. Dhyan Chauhan

Mr Chauhan has held leadership roles in HR at leading multinational companies

Ashish Bajaj

COO & Co-founder of Round Ark Limited, Gurgaon