4 Reasons to Outsource Significant Office Positions through Flexi Jobs

The sole and primary aim of any company or organization is to grow its business. For this purpose, it strives to draw in a multitude of projects and in turn, more recruits to cater to those projects. However, situations may arise when the employee base may face stagnation in ratio to project demands. This is when companies must rethink their expansion policies.

Does every job in your office need to be full time or is there any other viable option? The answer to this question is simple – Flexi jobs.

How to analyse work hour requirements?

Monitoring the average time required for completing a specific job with respect to the job hours can help an organization judge the work hour requirements for a particular position. For instance, consider the post of data entry jobs in your company. It may not be necessary for an individual to sit for the complete 9 hours. In fact, working from home may suffice to these needs.

This is where you can choose to deploy and distribute your work force through flexible job routines.

If you are still sceptical, mentioned here are few points that will clear all dilemmas about flexi jobs.

  1. Harness the young minds –

Students are always in search for a reliable part time job which will suffice to their pocket money needs. By outsourcing your company and offeringjobs for student, you will be able to claim a                                                                             significantly large task force at a reliably affordable price.

In addition to this, employing students will also allow you to monitor their performances and even help you to shortlist a potential employee for your venture.

  1. The value of experience –

Have you ever thought of hiring retired personnel? Yes, by providing retired jobs, you can extract some quality experiences and their value added services to your company. These retired individuals                                                                 can handle intricate projects which might be beyond the intellectual reach of your in-house team as                                                                   well. 

Moreover, these flexi jobs allow those people to work from the comfort of their homes thereby saving them the hassles of regular commutation.

  1. Save your expenditures –

Every office requires significant monetary investment in terms of electricity bills and mechanical wear and tear. Part time jobs can help you save lakhs in assets thereby decreasing your overall cost and                                                                   depreciation.

As a result, your financial balance sheets look better and your annual turnover soars high in no time.

  1. Expert employees at disposal –

By outsourcing your “less-intense” office positions to individuals, you can escalate the volume of your core team. This will help you deliver more projects within a short time frame and                                                                                        thereby increase your potential customer base.

The above points were a clear representation why providing work from home jobs can help increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization. By following these steps, you will not only incur a larger team, but also a significant name and brand presence with your clients. So, what’s the wait? Start converting your “not so important” office positions into flexible jobs today.


Dr Manan Chaturvedi

Founder of Fortune Architect

Vijay Rai

Managing Director- Asia Pacific & EMEA Markets with Saviour US INC

Ajay Bhatia

Respected HR Leader

Shampi Venkatesh

Founder, P-Quotient

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Executive Director-HR & Admin, Experion Developers

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Managing Director, UK Fostering, Founder, UKINDO International &

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Promoter & Director, Rockland Hospitals Network, Delhi

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Vice President & HR Head- India/SA at IBM HR Consultant

Runa Maitra

Founder and a principal consultant with People Talent International

Mr. Dhyan Chauhan

Mr Chauhan has held leadership roles in HR at leading multinational companies

Ashish Bajaj

COO & Co-founder of Round Ark Limited, Gurgaon