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In today's world, you will find very few people who are purists. We are in this field purely because we love our job. Our job is to just capture memories, but also to ensure they have an interesting story to tell. We play by the rules, but we also like to push the boundaries in order to create something new. Our attitude toward recording moments special to you is one part of the equation. Whether its a video or photography you're looking for, our approach to your requests is based on treating you like part of the family. In addition to offering virtually countless possibilities in terms of style, overall appearance. Effects and anything else related to personalization of your desired photographs, our love and passion for the work we do is uncompromising. We Take pride in our philosophy that we exisit for our clientele. Our methodology based on a Japanese proverb, "Experience should fear the strength of youth" resembles a relatively young company, backed by our vigor and through insight into the clients needs, is what sets us apart. Mahesh Patra, Founder & CEO Our love for photography lies behind our appetite and quest for the perfect lines, light conditions and objects, which all leads to the final result- your immeasurable satisfaction captured in an epic photograph or inspiring video. Apart from our technical expertise and advanced equipment, what truly makes us one of a kind is our devotion to our clients. From the first click of the camera to the final smile on your face after looking at the final results, you will realize that you've made the right choice. A high level of professionalism has always adorned 'picture together', but it is precisely our personal relationships with our clients that makes us well-worthy of your time and trust.




Vashi, Navi Mumbai


Film/Music Production or Distribution or Exhibition

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Less than 25

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Private Limited Company

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Photography / Wedding / Movies





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