Mykindofjob (MKOJ) is India’s fastest growing flexi work portal. At Mykindofjob.com:

  • You can find students who are looking for internships of their choice or part time jobs
  • You can hire housewives/new mothers who are looking for jobs that offer flexibility
  • You will be able to employ retired or people nearing retirement who are looking for meaningful work options having flexibility

You will also find accomplished subject matter experts, who could be freelancer or small boutique business owners/ partners, looking for exciting short term assignments/projects with companies.

Flexibility is one of the key reasons why a lot of good talent remains outside the employed pool. We believe by embracing flexibility as one of the key attributes in a job, employers will be able to attract this hitherto ‘unavailable’ talent and effectively tackle the talent shortage problem. At Mykindofjob, we have worked out the following flexible work options that employer can deploy:

Work from Home – Full

  • Employee can work from the comfort of his/ her home
  • He/she needs to come to office only in case of meetings, reviews, etc.
  • The time commitment required can be normal 8/9 hours like a full time job
  • Depending on the job, employee may have restriction of taking other jobs

Work from Home  – Partial

  • In case of Work from Home (Partial), employee works out of home but is required to attend to office every week for 1 or more days.

Compressed work week

  • A compressed work schedule allows an employee to work a traditional 40-45 hour workweek in less than five workdays.
  • Many compressed work schedule options may be negotiated. For example, a full-time employee scheduled for 45 hours per week could work four 11.15 hour days instead of five 9 hour days.

Part Time Job

  • Typically, part time employees don’t have restriction of taking another job.
  • Normally either these are daily jobs with reduced work hours (typically half days or few hours) or they have fixed days/no. of days in a week/month.

Daily Relaxed Hours

  • Daily job with less than 8 hour schedule. Typically you would not have the employee taking up other jobs
  • Ideal in case you are looking to hire retired people or housewives who may want to reach home at a particular time due to particular constraints but are not looking to take up multiple jobs

So, as you can see, part time jobs are just one of the flexible work options on the portal.


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Providing flexibility can lead to multiple benefits:


Being flexible signals that you value diversity in the workplace

  • Diversification of the workplace is the new norm. Differing cultures, religions, and employee needs mean that today’s employer must accommodate diversity when it comes to working, thinking and interacting with others.
  • Develops image as an employer of choice with family friendly flexible work schedules.

Candidate is available just in time and just for time

  • In most cases, he/she will not bother you with a career plan or make his need for promotions and career advancements, your chief worry.

Turbo Productive

  • Increased employee morale, engagement, and commitment to the organization leads to more happy employees resulting in improved productivity
  • Flexi workers believe time is genuinely money and they are religious about opportunity costs. They are there to get the job done as fast as you want to get it done. They also want to make the best use of their own time.

Builds loyalty/ reduces attrition

  • Research has shown that flexibility builds greater loyalty within the employee receiving those privileges

Reduction in attritions leads to savings in hiring and training costs.

Employer Brand captures the “perceived desirability quotient” of working with a particular Company, in minds of people. In simple words, if people want to work with a particular Company, then its Employer brand is stronger than when a company is not a desired place to work in mind of people.

MKOJ gives you various tools that can help you build/ strengthen your Employer Brand:


  • Positive Company reviews from employees, alumni and others help lift your brand instantly
  • Showcase your knowledge and increase subscription for your Newsletters, journals, publications
  • Manage your alumni network and make it work for you
  • Update CSR activities and gather volunteers for the same
  • Showcase your events and drive more mileage – Invite people, do pre and post event publicity to a large audience on the portal
  • Display Testimonials from industry stalwarts, eminent people, marquee clients, etc.
  • Generate Followers for your Company

All these tools help project the right image of your organization, thereby building or strengthening your Employer Brand.

Your search for quality future employees has been made better through many useful features on the portal like:

Intelligent Search Engine – Our Search engine has been developed by highly known industry experts to give you that cutting edge in your job search. The extremely intelligent search and recommendation engine brings you candidates that are closest matches to your search criteria.

  • Application Management System – Our easy-to-use application management system ensures that you don’t get lost in the deluge of responses. We have taken special care to create standardized response templates which will help cut down your response time by 1/10th and ensuring fast feedback to the applicants, thereby improving your brand image.
  • Get references from your network –MKOJ allows you to leverage your network of connections, employees, alumni and other contacts outside the MKOJ network to gain valuable references for the jobs posted by you. So, we help your make your network count.
  • Video Profiles –We provide special facility to candidates to create short video profiles which can help you shortlist candidates much more effectively and save on your hiring time.

Detailed Candidate Profiles – MKOJ has been designed by HR experts who understand what HR managers are looking for thereby ensuring all relevant information is captured and presented in a fashion which is easy to use. The detailed information helps you to get a much rounded perspective about the candidate thereby ensuring better short listing and hiring quality.

MKOJ will have profiles of experts across various industries, functions and subject matter. So on one hand you will find people who are proficient in functional areas like training, HR, sales, marketing, law etc. and on the other hand there will be industry experts like pharma expert, FMCG expert, IT expert, etc. Besides there will be subject matter experts like a Company Law expert, economists, expert on hadoop, etc.

At MKOJ, these experts can be individuals or companies (including Partnership/ LLP). They may be freelancers or they may have set up their own advisory outfits, which largely revolve around them. Some of them may be in full time employment but are willing to share their expertise for specific time/ project basis.

We don’t guarantee relevant candidates for your job listings. However, we work hard towards ensuring that our platform has candidates with skill sets and background that you are looking for.

MKOJ allows you to search using advanced search filters, which help you to drastically narrow down your search results. So, if you haven’t got relevant/ adequate responses, you can always reach out to candidates by searching them on your own and reaching out to them through mail.

We have customized package based on your needs and requirements. You can subscribe to our various packages (refer url…….).

Besides, the selected package charge, there is also a nominal set up fee. To help you select the right package for your requirements, call at 022-61672415 or mail us at lead@mykindofjob.com.

With any subscription package (except Base, Value and Modi package) that you buy, you get the following benefits:


  • Post unlimited job for the category(s) that you have bought
  • See the contact detailsand resumes of all candidates in the category(s) you have bought
  • Send unlimited connection requests
  • Send unlimited mails to users on MKOJ
  • Post unlimited posts

Upload unlimited pictures and videos

You can pay online through debit/credit card and net banking and offline through Cheque or DD. Cash payment is not allowed.

Besides posting jobs, an active subscription gives you host of other benefits that our mentioned in the answer to the question above. To continue enjoying unlimited access and get full benefits of the platform, we would recommend you keeping your subscription active.

You may need extra logins if you would have more than one people to post jobs, manage applications and search candidates. There is no limit to the number of extra logins you can buy.

Yes, you can. For more details, contact our sales representatives on 022- 61672424.

Except My Dashboard, candidates and other employers can see all other pages on your top red bar like Profile, Jobs, CSR, gallery, etc.

My Dashboard is your personal homepage on the portal. This is the page you land on after logging in. You can post updates, make corporate announcements like people appointments, new launches, etc., articles, thoughts and ideas as well as receive posts of your connections, people/other employers you are following.  You can also comment, like, share other user’s/ employer’s posts reflected on your dashboard.

No, your dashboard is personal and cannot be viewed by other users.

Your post can be viewed by your connections, your followers and people who have dropped you their E Visiting cards. Your post will be visible on their dashboards.

Yes, you can make up to 10 posts in a month. To enjoy unlimited posts, we would recommend you to renew your subscription.

For the category(s) chosen by you, in case of unexpired subscription, there is no limit to the number of jobs that you can post. However, we reserve the right to remove content in case of an abuse/ misuse of any of the features of the platform.

Expertise Request is a listing of a project or an assignment on a retainership/ part-time/one-time basis for which you are looking for the services of an expert. It can be for a training, consulting advice in a particular area or even interim management.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an activity that a corporate undertakes as its responsibility towardsthe society and environment. Many Corporate engage in CSR programs on its own or by associating with various NGOs as their way to give back to the society.

Besides your CSR page, your CSR programs are also available to all users in the Buzz section. Buzz section has a sub section for CSR which has listings of all CSR programs on MKOJ. Users can search and shortlist programs according to their area of interest and choose to volunteer through click of a button. The volunteer request hits your inbox, post that you can get in touch with the users who have expressed their interest to volunteer.

You can make a list of your alumni and invite them to join MKOJ. You can then manage your alumni network effectively for the following purposes:

  • Hold alumni meets and invite them for the same
  • Share pictures and updates of the meet
  • Invite alumni for your other corporate events
  • Invite referrals for your job postings

Invite feedback for “Voices – Alumni Speak” section

No. An alumni will become a connection only in the following cases:

  • On acceptance of your connection request
  • On joining MKOJ on your invitation

A picture speaks a thousand words. You can use the gallery section to give user an experience of your history, culture and life at your organization. So whether it’s your annual day or your offsite or your diwali celebrations, use pictures and videos effectively to give the right perception of your Employer brand.

Employer Reviews is a user’s “overall” view of an organization summed up in user’s words and qualified with his/ her assessment of the review being “positive”, “negative” or “neutral”. A User can give a Employer Review of a particular Employed he/ she has worked with only once.

Employer Reviews is a user’s perspective about an organization that you are/were associated with. A User can only write 1 Employer Review of a particular organization.

Testimonials are positive feedback about an organization shared by people/ companies whose opinion matter. These could be clients, eminent industry stalwarts, board of directors, vendors, etc. A Testimonial from such set of people/ organizations would be great endorsement for organization’s products/ services, value system, customer service, quality standards, etc.

No. You cannot formally invite employer review about your company on MKOJ. They have to be written by users themselves.

No. Employer review page is entirely generated out of Employer Reviews written by users in the Buzz – Employer Review section. In case nobody has written an Employer review about your organization, then the Employer review page will be blank.

No. However, we reserve the right to remove a particular a post if it is found to be spurious, abusive or offending any religious communities/sentiments.

You are allowed to comment on an Employer Review. You can give your point of view, which will be visible to everybody who is viewing that Employer Review.

Testimonials are positive feedback about an organization shared by people/ companies whose opinion matter. These could be clients, eminent industry stalwarts, board of directors, vendors, etc. A Testimonial from such set of people/ organizations would be great endorsement for organization’s product/ services, value system, customer service, quality standards, etc.

Yes. However, once they receive your requests in their mailbox, they would be directed to the MKOJ portal through the link/ button in the request mail. Once they register, they will be able to write their testimonial. This has been done to ensure that the identity of the provider of the testimonial is authentic.

No. You cannot modify testimonial or keep only portions of it. However, it is your decision to post it on Testimonial section.

Testimonials from people/ organizations known to users or perceived well by the users can be a great endorsement for organization’s products/ services, value system, customer service, quality standards, etc. Such people/ organization’s opinion count and they would not risk giving their opinion unless they are sure about what they are saying. Ultimately, it leads to building a favorable image of your company/ organization.

Every registered user at MKOJ has a personal inbox. You can use it to communicate with anybody within MKOJ, be it a user or another Employer. Thus you can communicate freely without any barriers and restrictions or the need to be networked with the other party. Your one to one communication on a public platform is absolutely discrete.

The personal Inbox is at an entity (subscriber) level and not at a login user level. Therefore, irrespective of the no.of logins, you would only have one inbox per Employer.

For internships/ some of the junior positions, it becomes difficult to shortlist candidates on the basis of their profiles. In such cases, asking certain questions critical to selection or pertaining to the job/ internship can help you gain crucial insights which can help you shortlist candidates based on their responses and approach only relevant candidates for interview process.

Yes. With every subscription you get access to our easy-to-use Application Management System (AMS). Our AMS ensures that you don’t get lost in the deluge of responses. We have taken special care to create standardized response templates which will help cut down your response time by 1/10th and ensuring fast feedback to the applicants, thereby improving your brand image.We also offer an inbox to facilitate free and discrete message exchange with other users and employers on the portal.

A job posting becomes inactive automatically once the application deadline is crossed. Alternatively, if you have fulfilled the position before the expiry of application deadline, then you can edit the Job Posting by going to the “View All Jobs” section under Hiringand make the job posting inactive manually. A user is able to view a job posting till it is active.

Fortunately not. Go to “View All Jobs” under Hiring section, select the job posting you posted 6 months back and click on “Active”. The Job posting template will open up. Change the application deadline and make other changes (if any) and click on post. Your new job posting is done in less than 2 minutes.

You may want to try out the following:

  • Go to Candidate Search section, fill in your search criteria, shortlist and connect with people who match your search criteria
  • Go to Invite Referrals and try and seek referrals from your network within and outside MKOJ
  • You may want to wait and post the job again after some time gap. Sometimes, it could just be a case of bad timing.

Candidate Search brings the power of advanced search filters to help reach out to your desired user profile in a matter of seconds. It helps you supplement your talent acquisition efforts by carrying out a search yourself and connect and interact with relevant users.

Just like one has a Visiting card in real life, every Expert on MKOJ has an E Visiting Card. Once the Expert completes some basic information, the system automatically generates his/her E Visiting Card. The E Visiting card is reversible and can be viewed from both front and back.

An expert wishing to offer his/her services to your organization can drop you an E Visiting card (EV card). You will be able to see such EV Cardsin the E Visiting Cards section when you click your display picture on top right.

E Visiting Cards (EV Card) denotes the interest of a particular expert in offering his/her services to you. While in real life, cards of such experts can get misplaced or may be difficult to retrieve; this section becomes a ready reckoner of interested and accomplished experts for various categories that you can engage with when the need arises.

You can make any individual user or any other employer your connection on MKOJ. You can send a ‘connection request’ to any other individual or Employer on the portal. The other person/ party has the right to accept or reject the ‘connection request.’ Once connected, you will start seeing each other’s posts and other relevant updates on the dashboard.

The reach of your post depends upon the strength of your network on MKOJ. Your network consists of our connections, your followers and experts who have dropped you an E Visiting Card. Out of the three, making connections is a prerogative that you have. The other two are prerogative of the other party. So, to increase your visibility and reach, it is imperative that you increase your connections among both Individual users and other employers.

Events section provides you a platform to publicize your internal and external events. External events like corporate/ marketing/ dealer/ knowledge events boost your image while internal events like alumni/ annual day etc. give a glimpse of an organization’s culture. Events section helps you achieve these objectives by:


  • Showcase your events on your microsite and drive more mileage
  • Manage Event – Create List of invitees, Invite people, record confirmations, do pre and post event publicity
  • Sharing post event details and success stories

We help you in two ways:


  • The events are listed on your events page thus giving it a high degree of reach on a high traffic site. People will be able to see event listing and confirm their attendance.
  • The platform also gives you the power to consolidate your network, inside and outside the portal, to invite people directly by sending them a mail.

You can change events details post listing it on the portal any time before the date of the event.

MKOJ collates newsletters of all employers and presents them in an easily searchable manner in the Buzz – Newsletter' section of Users. Users can search newsletters by function, industry, name, etc. and subscribe to ones of their choice and interest through 'click of a button'. Similarly users can search and download publications. Thus, organization can maximise the subscriber base for their newsletters and publications at zero cost.

Newsletters and publications reinforce the knowledge base of an organization, thus making it more appealing to today’s prospective employees who are well read and knowledge driven. This helps in building/ strengthening your Employer brand.

Apart from the knowledge section of your Microsite, Users can also access your newsletters in Buzz – Newsletter' section and publications inBuzz – Publication' section. Users can search newsletters by function, industry, name, etc. and subscribe to ones of their choice and interest through 'click of a button'. Every time you upload latest issue of the subscribed newsletter, it automatically goes to the inbox of the subscribers.