27th January 2016

Five tips to ensure that work from home increases your productivity

Daily commute to the office keeps us on our toes and to a great extent keeps us disciplined. Work from home allows one to avoid the daily traffic and gives a lot space and time for work life balance but this extra time and freedom can also make a person lazy and create a tendency to waste time as there is no one to watch. Here are some simple tips which can boost your energy and increase your productivity:

1. Understand your biorhythm
There are days we feel lazy and there are days when we feel full of energy. Some of us are morning people with huge surge of energy in the morning whereas there are others who have more energy during the night. All one needs to do is work out a time table that suits him or her. Having a fixed routine will help stay organized and disciplined. Having lunch in the dining room at the time allocated for it or giving break during work keeps the energy flow healthy. I was recently watching a video of a person who works from home and found some great tips. He uses work breaks to do some exercises or goes for a walk around the block which is a part of his routine. As a home worker, chances are that a home worker will be using computers a lot so here is a simple trick to avoid frozen shoulders, aching arms and also keeping the energy flow high for higher productivity. Imagine setting a routine to finish your work early in the week and having a full week to enjoy with your family or engage in your favourite hobby.

2. Set limits to your working hours
It is critical to ensure that you know when to stop working as ample availability of time can be really bad for the workaholics. Many studies have indicated that work from home can be really bad for health if there is no fixed routine with fixed time for work, break and exercise. Simple tricks like setting an alarm can help in reminding about the break time in case you get so involved that there is no count of time.Setting appointment over phone or going out for an appointment can be another stop work and move around trigger.The point is simple and that is to maintain a work life balance otherwise a lot of advantages of working from home would be lost.

3. Get dressed for work and keep a separate work place
Getting dressed for work will set a differentiation between work life at home and other activities.By all means one can wear casuals or anything else one is comfortable with but one must dress and sit at a separated work place to ensure focus of mind at work.A separate work place will also help in keeping other family members from disturbing while you are at work as they would observe and differentiate your home time and work time.Imagine sitting on the dining table next to the kitchen where the maid is about to begin cooking for lunch or comes home to wash the utensils.

4. Form a daily habit of walking to your work place
A simple habit of getting dressed up for work and taking a walk which one may be used to while working at an office will help a lot. The act of dressing up for work and walking back to work after a round of the residential block will set the mood right specially for those who have been used to a daily routine of going to office for work.

5. Organize the tools of your trade for working from home
Chances are that the work from home will involve a lot of use of modern technology which is smart phone based and computer based. Having tools like web conferencing tools, document collaboration suites, and screen sharing tools will help a lot specially when remote help is to be given or otherwise required. A lot of collaboration and even meetings can now happen through the computer or smart phones. I know a lot of journalists who simply use the email and smart phone connectivity to interview CEOs and other decision makers. Interesting part is that no one seems to prefer meeting over a cup of coffee any more on a regular basis so all the more the reason to use the modern technology tools at work.



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Founder of Fortune Architect

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